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In combining the words “ubiquitous” and “access”, the name UbiAccess show our company’s commitment to providing cost-effective, access to spoken lectures service anywhere and anytime in order to foster equal accessibility for the deaf or hard of hearing students in educational settings.
We provide remote transcription service where transcribers simultaneously integrates audio processing to create accurate text realtime. For audio to be transmitted, a wireless Bluetooth microphone or connection to the video conferencing platform, is required. A laptop or tablet, and an Internet connection are required to access the transcription. The UbiAccess user experience is designed to be as convenient and simple as possible. All users will receive a login account to the UbiAccess website to view the transcription and to download transcripts afterwards 24/7.
UbiAccess is unique in that we provide the student with three transcriptions: meaning-for-meaning, verbatim, and summarized.

The meaning-for-meaning transcription is produced realtime conveying the meaning of the speaker’s intended content for comprehension using Speech-to-Text technology. The raw transcript will be followed with an edited version within 24 hours after the session. In addition, a verbatim and summarized transcript will also be posted within 24 hours after the session.

The verbatim transcript consists of a written document, where speech is transcribed into text word-for-word. Verbatim transcripts vary in length and can exceed over 20+ pages. Because of this, we also provide a shortened summary of the verbatim transcript that condenses over 20+ pages of text to approximately 5 pages. This useful feature, which is similar to notetaking, makes lecture notes much more manageable and effective for our clients for studying purposes.
UbiAccess is owned and operated by deaf individuals with advanced degrees (e.g. MS and PhD) and years of corporate experience. We truly understand the obstacles and struggles that deaf and hard of hearing students face on a daily basis. We strive to provide the best solution to these accessibility challenges to support students’ success in educational settings by providing high-quality service at affordable cost.
Though our clients are primarily students with hearing loss, we cater to a wide audience as well.
For instance:

  • In a meeting where participants who speak English but are native speakers of other languages, comprehension is often improved if they are able to view English text.

  • Captioning studies have shown that people comprehend and retain much more of what they read than what they simply hear.

  • Students with learning disabilities may benefit from visual support.
  • UbiAccess is committed to providing the highest quality service possible for our clients. With the appropriate materials and preparation, our highly qualified transcribers with proper credentials can provide fast and accurate transcriptions. Even though some spelling errors may be made during the transcription process, the client should still be able to understand what is being said. UbiAccess will make every effort to edit and provide clients with an accurate meaning-for-meaning transcript within approximately 24 hours following the conclusion of each session.
    Any opportunity our credentialed transcribers can get to prepare ahead of time will help decrease misspellings and errors. Our transcribers will pre-program as many vocabulary terms and proper names as possible, as well as terms of subject and context specific to your company or class. You can assist us by sending a copy of the course syllabus, meeting agenda, names of the attendees that are expected to speak, copies of any documents you may reference or read, powerpoints or demonstratives, and any unusual spellings that may arise.
    We strive to maintain a high level of security in order to protect our clients. Every account created with UbiAccess is password-protected, and reside on an encrypted site keeping all of the clients’ personal information secured. All of our credentialed transcribers are required to sign confidentiality agreements before they can participate in any sessions.
    UbiAccess is compatible with the most recent browser version of Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Edge.
    UbiAccess does not charge any hidden fees for our service. Services offered with our flat hourly rate include:

  • Remote real time transcription during the session
  • An edited and summarized transcripts within 24 hours following conclusion of the session

  • Please contact us to request our rate sheet.
    Please feel free to contact us. After you submit the contact us form, one of our representatives will contact you immediately to get you started with our service. Requests made with less than 48 hours of notice will be processed and granted based on availability, and a surcharge may be applied.
    After your session, the raw transcript will be accessible by logging onto your account via the UbiAccess website. The transcript can be saved immediately and directly to your computer or tablet. Please note that within 24 hours after the session, the raw transcript will be replaced with an edited version, and verbatim and summarized transcripts will also be posted.
    We are not liable for transcript dissemination at the user’s discretion, nor do we monitor the activity of the transcript beyond downloading them from our server.

    We urge the schools, universities, and companies to develop a confidentiality agreement with the user to prevent unwanted distribution.
    We normally make transcripts available following the schools and universities’ academic period e.g. quarter or semester schedule, as applicable. At the end of the academic period, we remove the transcripts from our server. For meetings, we usually make the transcripts available for 2 weeks. Please alert us if you need the transcript to be stored longer or removed immediately afterward.

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